Can You Tell?

14 Aug

Wow it’s been a long time since my last post. It has been an awfully busy and fun filled week so since my last review for Do the Right Thing, I have not had much time to make it on here. But rest assured, I have not forgotten nor neglected my responsibilities on this blog.

So today I would like to introduce everyone to a song called We’re Going to Be Friends by the The White Stripes (a terrific band). Many of you have probably heard this song since it plays over the opening credits of the heavily polarizing film Napoleon Dynamite. Despite what you may have thought about the movie, the opening credits sequence is whimsical as well as clever, and the song adds an additional layer of anticipation to the film. The lyrics almost serve like a form of foreshadowing in the movie (especially the main chorus of I can tell that we are gonna be friends) so it’s quite cool. The song is very simple in addition, and it serves to accentuate the theme of the film as well as place foremost attention of the viewer on the visual aspect of the credits. It’s a neat little trick. The song on its own is fantastic and very peaceful in my opinion. It’s something I like listening to when I take a walk or go driving for example.

If you have not seen Napoleon Dynamite, I would definitely recommend you check it out since it’s a nice comedy that a lot of people love. I personally did not think it was amazing but it was enjoyable and I definitely loved the opening sequence. Meanwhile, listen to We’re Going to Be Friends and I’m sure you will not regret it. I can tell that you are gonna love this song.




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