Setting the Tone (Beethoven Style)

22 Aug

Music in opening sequences of films can be extremely significant in establishing the mood or theme of a film. Take for example the song I posted a few weeks back, We’re Gonna Be Friends by the White Stripes. It played during the opening credits of Napoleon Dynamite and accomplished that very effect I speak of. Now I would like to introduce you to another fairly recent film that was far more limited in theatrical release than even Little Miss Sunshine. The film is called The Fall and it is directed by Tarsem Singh. The background image is an excellent microcosm for the entire rest of the masterpiece. I only saw this film a few months back and I must say that is easily one of the most beautifully shot films I have ever seen. The images in the film are breathtaking because the locations are simply astounding. You do not want to miss this film that tells a very unique story.

Anyways, the opening credits is shot in black and white (the rest of the film is in color) and Beethoven’s Symphony #7 Allegretto Movement 2 plays over them. It is one of the most beautiful opening sequences and gives the story an instant retro feeling. It also foreshadows elements of the plot very nicely which is quite epic in scope. The music is quite epic and classical as well I must say. Please watch this movie! It is not a movie that gained much recognition but I wholeheartedly believe it should have. Review to come very soon! In the meantime, please listen to this beautiful track by the genius Beethoven.


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