Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

29 Aug

Hope everyone on the east coast weathered that hurricane well. So the next film on the review block is one of director Ridley Scott’s first films and is also still to this day, his best film, in my opinion. A great sci-fi, future-noir film known as Blade Runner has served as an influence for several futuristic science fiction films since it’s inception and release. The atmosphere and mood that Scott created in this film becomes integral to the plot, its characters and the overall themes of the film. The synthesized sounds in the film composed by Academy Award winning composer, Vangelis, develop a very dark, techno-pop characteristic to the music; consequently, the world that Scott conveys becomes soaked in the sentiment of the music. End effect is that the world becomes wholly authentic and plausible in the viewer’s eyes.

Blade Runner tells the story of a man assigned to hunt down four rogue androids that have escaped from off-world colonies and have now taken up residence in Los Angeles. The pacing of this film has polarized many but the music matches the pacing perfectly and manages to rise, crescendo and fall alongside the emotions of all the characters sensationally well. Interestingly enough, I actually did not like Blade Runner at all when I watched it for the first time. When I watched it the second time, I actually liked it. My reverence for the film increased more and more upon each subsequent viewing to the point where now Blade Runner is one of my favorite films of all time. In fact, if I were to come up with a Top Ten List, it would probably be in there. It’s a great film so everyone should check it out. But it is also not a film for everyone so do not keep your expectations very high. After all, I didn’t like it my first time. Just keep in mind that there exists a very deep meaning and significance to the pacing and development of the film. Once you understand that, you will truly begin to recognize the artistry of Blade Runner.

Enjoy this great track from Vangelis that plays over the end credits of the film.



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