The Next Step in Silence

14 Nov

Alright next on the chopping block is a fantastic film known as The Graduate directed by Mike Nichols. This is a wonderful film that manages to mix just about every great thing about cinema into one fine production.

I really want to review this film now because I am graduating myself in a little less than a month, and this film manages to convey an absolutely accurate portrayal of the crossroads of life. Dustin Hoffman plays Benjamin and like Robert DeNiro in Taxi Driver, this role truly propelled Hoffman into stardom. The story centers around a recent graduate who is looking for some source of inspiration of where to go in his life. What he finds is particularly interesting. The character of Benjamin is also very interesting. He has some quirky characteristics and reacts to situations in an almost impulsive and erratic manner (like many graduates out of college).

Uncertainty is the key in this movie. The music composed by mainly Simon and Garfunkel nicely complements this theme. There are such good songs and sounds heard in this movie. It is truly one of the finest combinations  of imagery and sound in any film all time. Take a look at it. It is particularly relevant for college students (I know most of my readers are in college) and also resonated with me even more strongly when I watched it again recently.

Take a listen to one of the wonderful songs by Simon and Garfunkel called The Sound of Silence. Review should be up sometime this week!



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