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Off on an Adventure!

1 Dec

Well I’m a little late but I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know I had a great one! While I wanted to start my next wave of introduction and review, I’m leaving for Nairobi, Kenya tomorrow and  I will not have enough time to get it up. I’ll be back on the eleventh and will hopefully have both the intro and review up that same week. In the meantime, I’d like to show you all an interesting silent film that music was later added to. This is by far one of the best examples of music’s influence on imagery. Watching it silently versus with sound create hugely different effects on the viewer. It’s a little more than an hour but the images in the film are amazing. It is a Russian film from 1929 known as The Man With a Camera. At that time, it really was the first film of its type. Watch it!

It’s split into parts on youtube. Just click on part 2 and so on when you’re finished with that one. Make sure it’s the same user because it seems only that one has the added orchestral soundtrack.



A Short Hiatus

13 Sep

Alright so I apologize for the uncustomary delay since my last post. However, with school having started and the approach of my sister’s wedding in two weeks, I have found that I do not have much time to devote to the writing of this blog. That does not by any means suggest that I am done. I plan to resume my work on this blog once my schedule clears up a little bit. I will be back in full force hopefully in a few weeks but for now, I do plan on taking a little break. I might periodically still put up music and movie intros in the meantime but do not expect any full fledged reviews for now.


Mob Men

3 Aug

Sharks aren’t the only ones being honored this week as AMC has its Mob Week going on Aug 1-Aug 7. I have no idea why Rudy Giuliani is hosting but most of the films they are showing are exceptional. I would be wary, however, since most of them are heavily edited for television and so it’s really not as good as watching the original version. But I thought I’d let you guys know anyway, since I have enjoyed watching scenes from two of my all-time favorite films (The Godfather Part I and II) the past few days.

Take a gander at the lineup (see link) they have for the week and maybe look for some of these films; but make sure that they’re in their original and unedited glory. Seriously, Goodfellas is simply not the same on TV. I guarantee you will like at least one of those movies.


Trademarks Suck

1 Aug

So it has come to my attention that there exists a site called Cinebeats, whose name closely resembles the name I came up with for my blog. Thinking like a producer, that’s a big no no! Anyways, I’m trying to think of alternate titles and domain names at this time. But hey they’re not exactly the same, right? So for the time being, the name stays! If anyone has any clever titles, let me know. I do still like the sound and meaning of cinemabeats for this blog so I anticipate it will take some time to find a better name. Well hopefully sooner than later…

Beyond this door lies a wonderful world…

1 Aug

Images convey themes. They can stir up the deepest and most fundamental emotions and sentiments of the human race; joy, grief, anxiety, relief, frustration, admiration, guilt, vindication. Moving images form the basis of all films and comprise one of the two elements of modern film. That is to say, modern film relies upon images and sounds to create meaning. Now this hardly seems like an astonishing revelation; however, most viewers ignore or do not realize the full implications of this trivial concept. Here I aim to introduce readers to new movies, provide them clear reviews of these movies and most importantly, comment on the music and/or soundtrack in these films and the music’s role in the movie. By doing so, I hope readers will watch the movies which feature some of their new favorite songs or vice versa (listen to the music of some of their new favorite movies). In addition, I will try to look at other film mediums (such as music videos, journalism) and define the significance of music in these realms as well as introduce readers to new music. I often hear music and say, “Wow I could definitely see this in a movie scene.” I want to try and tie together movies and music as much as possible because they share a very deep and powerful connection, which I believe can reveal a lot of about an individual’s personality. So as much as this is a portrait of myself, this blog serves primarily to help people find great movies and music. So without further ado, welcome to the wonderful world of movies and music.