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This is How it Ends

15 Aug

Alright next on the horizon: a pretty recent, quirky independent film known as Little Miss Sunshine. Interestingly enough, the first time I watched this film, I actually did not like it all that much. However, I watched the film about a couple years later and it hit home much stronger. One of the best things about film is that you can come back to films upon repeated viewings and gain different perspectives. Your opinion of the film could even change drastically, as mine did for Little Miss Sunshine. The film is easily one of my favorite films of the past decade and does an incredible job of mixing humor, warmth, melancholy, desperation and fulfillment in the most unlikely of places. The film tells the story of quite a dysfunctional family as they attempt to get their young daughter, Olive, to a child beauty pageant.The cast is awesome and includes Steve Carell, Toni Collette, Greg Kinnear as well as Alan Arkin for which he received a well deserved Best Supporting Actor award from the Academy.

The soundtrack in this film mirrors the story very well as it combines cheery and light tracks with deeper, more pensive strings that is best summed up by the best track on the soundtrack in my opinion, The Winner Is. The score was composed by Mychael Danna and Denver band Devotchka, whose most famous song remains How It Ends and The Winner Is actually sounds much like an instrumental reworking of the original song. It is a great, emotional song and I love the instrumental work. Review of Little Miss Sunshine to come very soon. In the meantime, please listen to How It Ends by Devotchka.



Choose Life

1 Aug

I’d like to introduce you all to one of my favorite films of all time: Trainspotting. My current background on the blog is an image from the film. Now Danny Boyle is actually one of my favorite contemporary directors and this is easily still his best film in my opinion. Review to come very soon. I do hope you all check it out though. In the meantime, this is a song I think everybody in the world should listen to at least once in their lifetime. It plays over the intro monologue to Trainspotting. It’s hard to imagine the beginning of the film without this song; it just fits the dialogue so well. This is in essence the power of music in films at its pinnacle. And this is only the tip of the iceberg.

The video has clips from Trainspotting in fact. So after you’re done listening to this magical track (the song on its own is amazing), I’d say go ahead and try and watch Trainspotting. If that beginning doesn’t hook you, I don’t know what else will.