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So…Funny Story

23 Aug

Today I am not reviewing The Fall. I will be doing that tomorrow as I was very busy today at work as well as afterward with my birthday celebrations. Anyways, I want to introduce you guys to a wonderful artist known as White Hinterland! Any fans of Regina Spektor will love this woman because their voices are quite similar but I think White Hinterland has a different range of musical sounds so it makes for very interesting listens.

The song I am introducing called Icarus plays during a scene in a nice little recent indie flick from 2009 called It’s Kind of a Funny Story with Zach Galifianakis. It’s a pretty nifty movie and definitely an enjoyable watch with some very cool characters. I really liked Emma Roberts in the movie!

Anyways check the film out because it’s a crowd pleaser and presents an interesting story yet it’s a tale that we all know at the same time.

Here’s the wonderful song!