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Sounds from the Jurassic Jungle

25 Aug

So the past couple days, AMC has been showing off a fantastic action film that I am sure most of you have seen. None other than Jurassic Park directed by Steven Speilberg. I actually really like the whole plot behind Jurassic Park. For those of you who do not know, it was actually adapted from a highly successful novel by the late Michael Crichton and I must say this is one of the few films that even comes remotely close to the level of the original source material. One of the biggest reasons the film was so successful in my mind is due to its enchanting score and the wonderful music composed and provided by the legendary John Williams. I earlier introduced you to some of his music in Jaws. His music in Jurassic Park retains the tense sounds from Jaws while also including some truly beautiful and inspiring compositions that reflect the power and magnitude of the island of dinosaurs. I love listening to some of this music when writing or studying; it really does inspire you. If you have not seen Jurassic Park and I highly doubt many of you exist, then check it out as soon as possible because it is definitely a classic of 90’s cinema.

This particular track plays over the end credits and is very magical.