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Welcome Back to the World of Cinema (filled with Fear and Loathing)

24 Oct

After more than a month away, I have finally decided to return to the world of cinema. I am very glad to be back and I feel more inspired and ready to introduce you folks to some fine cinematic masterpieces out there. I have decided to restart with a new slate so I will not be reviewing The Usual Suspects as I said I would a month ago. Instead, I have decided, in honor of Hunter S. Thompson’s The Rum Diary, which releases later this week, to review the delightful yet frightening Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas starring Johnny Depp and Benicio Del Toro. Let me perfectly blunt. This is not a movie for everyone. It dives into just about the deepest depths of moral depravity and has consequently polarized folks very harshly since its release. I happen to fall onto the lovers side of the spectrum and I must say that Terry Gilliam, one of my favorite directors, truly did justice to Hunter S. Thompson’s masterpiece of a novel.

The film details the “trip” of an oddball journalist and his even stranger attorney in Las Vegas as they plunge into a series of intensifying drug-filled adventures. Again, be warned that this film may not be your particular cup of tea. However, if you’re still reading, I will say that despite what you think of this film, it has an awesome soundtrack. The music team really did a wonderful job with original compositional work as well as including some classic songs. Perry Como, Debbie Reynolds and Dead Kennedys all make an appearance. The beginning also features arguably the best cover of Favorite Things, made famous by Julie Andrews, and it plays over a very interesting montage that goes to the heart of the film. The essence of the American Dream and the American Life.

Whatever you think of this film, the first ten minutes of this film are incredible. Depp is just fantastically amazing in this. No one is better at playing weird than Johnny but he really plays a different type of weird here. Here’s the beginning cover by the Lennon Sisters. Review will hopefully be up on Thursday.