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Driving a Lonely Cab in New York City

1 Nov

Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! I know I sure did. I actually went ahead and did another to homage to Hunter S. Thompson by dressing up as him for Halloween. Picture below:

Fear and Loathing truly inspired me this year.

Anyways, I’d like to go ahead and introduce you all to the next film I will be reviewing. If I had a Top Ten favorite films list, this film would definitely be in the top five. I’m talking about Taxi Driver (directed by Martin Scorsese) starring Robert DeNiro in the principal role. DeNiro’s performance in this role definitely helped jump-start his illustrious acting career. The film tells the wonderful story of a solitary taxi cab driver who becomes obsessed with fighting back against the scum and immorality of seventies New York City. However, that summary does not even begin to do the film justice.

The score, done by Bernard Herrmann (his last score before he died), adds a wonderful layer to the film’s plot. It mirrors the easygoing elements of seventies New York City while also capturing the essence of the scum and venality that Bickle sees on the streets and in his cab on a daily basis. The main theme of the film just evokes so many sentiments of loneliness and despair while also conveying feelings of inner peace and acceptance. The saxophone and piano sound very jazzy and have a beautiful interplay with one another. This film manages to mix all these elements and create one of the finest final products of all time. Review will not likely be up until next week but in the meantime, check out the soundtrack (or even the film). It is unquestionably one of the best films ever made. Still Scorsese’s masterpiece in my opinion.