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Piano Noir

5 Sep

I would next like to review a film that is vastly different from anything I have reviewed to this point. The film is called The Usual Suspects and is directed by Bryan Singer. Like the film’s title might suggest, it does not feature your usual array of big stars but instead chooses to utilize a very strong group of typically supporting actors to build the film. Well, they all do an exceptional job because it’s the characters that become the spotlight of the film’s central thematic device.

This is a film that focuses on looking back at past events as an FBI agent interrogates a timid man as to how a string of murders was committed upon a ship the previous night. The soundtrack features a lot of piano to set up this mysterious effect (the film in effect is a play off the typical noir genre) and to give the film a very nebulous quality. Clarity is extremely hard to find sometimes in this film. It is that dynamic that keeps the film completely engrossing, thrilling and mystifying through and through.

So check out The Usual Suspects or wait for my review if you have reservations. In the meantime, take a listen to this beautiful track that plays over the opening credits. As I explained in a few posts earlier in August, music over the opening credits can really set the tone for the film. The end effect is no different here. Ignore the opening part of the video.